"I truly appreciate all the time and effort you have provided me. You are an excellent teacher and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any guitarist!"

- Alan Schuller

"The best guitar teacher on the planet!"

- Jimmy Rowland

"I have to thank you again for being such a great teacher. I can't count the amount of times that I've remembered or passed on one of the many lessons learned."

-Jim Adams

Caroline Potter

"Steve Fricker was absolutely instrumental in shaping the musician that I am today. At an early age, Steve helped me foster my talent when I was not so intent on doing it myself. Any other teacher could have given up on me, but Steve sensed something and stuck with me and I thank him dearly for it. As far as teaching goes, in my opinion, Steve is the best there is. Most musical people will explain complex ideas in ways even more complex than the idea is itself, but not Steve. He explains it in a way that makes complete sense, making even the hardest ideas seem like a piece of cake. No matter what age you are, 6 or 60, if you want to learn how to play guitar or bass, Steve Fricker is your man."

-Matt Gutkowski, lead guitar/vocals for inFICTION

Chris Meyer

"Three years ago, I got a guitar for Christmas and wanted to take lessons from someone who really knew his stuff. So during the next few months, I did some research and was lucky to find out about Stephen Fricker; a professional musician who was nearby. When Stephen began giving me lessons, he predicted that after a couple of months I would be playing songs that seemed impossible for me to play any time soon. This was really hard to believe, but I practiced constantly hoping one day I would play songs by my favorite bands. Sure enough, after four weeks of lessons and constant practice I was playing songs by Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, and other favorites of mine. Stephen was right! Next we worked on Van Halen’s songs and he taught me some amazing guitar tricks. Along the way Stephen showed me how to maintain and take care of my guitar. Stephen’s constant encouragement and relaxing manner gave me the courage to perform in front of my peers at school and to ease my stage fright. Stephen made it a point to attend my first time on stage and would be at more concerts if he was not away doing a gig. After one year of lessons and constantly practicing, I wouldn't put the guitar down. I was in love with this instrument! I would always look forward to my next lesson with Stephen.

"During the past two and a half years, Stephen has given me his undivided attention during my lessons; he has taught me the fundamentals of music theory, and inspired me to have the confidence to perform in front of people. Also he also has introduced me to some of the most amazing rock bands. I do lots of research on old rock bands from the '50s to the '80s and quiz Stephen to see if I could outsmart him. Of course, he knows ALL of them; not just the group names but some type of background story for every one of these bands and its members.

"Now I'm away at college, still playing guitar and challenging myself to get better. I've been playing for over two and a half years and have spent time writing my own songs with Stephen’s help. To this day, I make it a priority to book as many lessons as possible with him when I am home on a school break. I highly recommend Stephen as a guitar teacher for anyone, no matter the age. He is very patient and caring with all of his students. If a student is really dedicated, Stephen can turn them into a great musician!"

- Adam Paloian

Dylan Stewart

"I began piano lessons when I was five. I also stopped piano lessons when I was five. My parents have always supported my creative, academic, and athletic endeavors, but I didn't seem destined to be musical. Then I started private lessons with Stephen Fricker on classical guitar. Every lesson was filled with the joy of creating music. Even after I changed my focus to flute, Stephen's influence on my musical development is immeasurable."

- Kieran McCarthy Fell

Kieran Fell

"Steve Fricker has changed my life. He has helped build my self-esteem and given me an outlet for my creativity. He is the best teacher I've ever had!!"

- Kees Van Bergeijk

Sal LoPinto

"Stephen is a great teacher because he makes it fun, he's nice and really good at guitar."

- Henry Arvans

Julia Wroblewski

"Many years ago I gave up taking lessons and playing – no doubt a lack of commitment on my part and probably not the right instruction. I now have the commitment and was fortunate to have been referred to Steve. I'm having a great time."

- Steve Persico

Dan Cooke

"I found Mr. Stephen Fricker a well-prepared teacher. He has a lot of patience. He is sincere in teaching and interested in helping his students to become better players."

- Youngsoon La

"Mr. Fricker has helped me so much on my journey to playing guitar. It's not just knowing how to "play" the guitar but also understanding what you're doing...knowing that the 15th fret on the second string is a "D" not a "15". I have been taking lessons from Steve for the past two years and not only have I grown as an artist but he encouraged me to pursue a degree in Audio Engineering at Five Towns College."

- Chris Homburger